Hustler’s New 2017 Silage Wagon Range Hits the Market

Published 16th January 2017
New Zealand

Based on the proven Robertson design, Hustler’s new 2017 Forage Wagon Range offers 2 unique features not found on any other Silage Wagon, that provide numerous benefits to farmers feeding silage, and simplifies everyday life on the farm… 


Hustler’s New Side Feed Forage Wagon range offers numerous benefits compared to the existing offering found on the market, benefits that have previously demanded an arm or a leg. Thanks to Hustler’s streamlined production systems, attention to detail, quality assurance procedures and freight optimisation between factories, the new wagon range, based off the proven Robertson Silage Wagon design now competes with much lower duty wagons. And they’re available for immediate delivery!

High Clearance Monostructure Body

Unique to Hustler is the one piece monostructure body/chassis design which provides a number of valuable benefits: 

  1. Huge ground clearance for better manoeuvrability in rough terrain or difficult gateways
  2. Higher strength to weight ratio for a longer working life and less downtime
  3. Less fatigue from twisting between body and chassis


Largest Conveyor Roller

Hustler’s crowned conveyor rollers are almost twice the diameter of the nearest competitor, which means:

  1. Fewer adjustments required to ensure belt doesn’t derail 
  2. Most drive friction ensures it feeds even the heaviest crops without slippage
  3. Belt doesn’t bend as sharp, giving it a longer working life 

Largest roller on the market-801684-edited.jpg

Clean internal body design

The clean internal design of the body with fewer ribs and a 3mm thick welded steel construction, strengthens the design and reduces friction with heavy loads.

  1. Incorporates the strength of the sides into the monobody design
  2. Reduces friction and bridging for easier feeding, less load on the drives and last longer
  3. No more worn through sides

Clean low friction sides.jpg

Soild Steel, Flat Floor

The solid steel floor lasts the life of the Silage Wagon, and there’s no need to worry about it rotting out from silage juices or about broken boards getting caught in the bars and breaking a chain.

  1. Lasts the life of the Silage Wagon, no need for replacement or downtime
  2. Sweeps the floor clean, right to the edges
  3. No chain tracks to full up and corrode or weaken chains

Smooth inside walls --766932-edited.jpg

Plus loads more great features that help you get more done in a day!

The 2017 Forage Wagon Range is available in 12.5 – 20 cubic metre capacities, in both Side Feed or Centre Feed models and a range of options to suit your exact feeding needs.

The Hustler Forage Wagon has more clearance between the elevator and the main floor to accommodate feeding fodder beet and larger crops with less stress on the vital components. 

To learn more about Hustler’s new Forage Wagons contact 0800 487 853 or click the button below