SL360X Saves this Farmer 3.5 Bales Each Week. Watch to see how.

Published 15th January 2017
United States

Lynn White from Louisiana fell in love with the SL360X concept, so took advantage of our 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee and purchased a SL360X for his front loader, and within a few days of putting it to work he started saving his bales… 
Previously he was needing to feed 4 bales every other day to each group of 40 cow-calf pairs, in his hay racks to keep them fed, now with the SL360X mounted to the front loader of his tractor he’s managed to cut that back to 3 bales every other day. 


For Lynn, this not only saves him bales and the cost of making them, but it’s also saving his precious time, both at time of feeding his cattle and time of make his bales!


With tighter pricing in the beef market this year, it provided Lynn with a good time-saving way of maintaining his profitability, and without needing to leave the comfort of the tractor cab to unwrap a bale in the wet, muddy conditions around the hay manger, instead this can be done in the yard at the bale stack, making it easier to dispose of the wrapping, and less handling.  


“I am so pleased with the way we are feeding our silage bales now”


Lynn sent in the video of him loading up his hay racks, one of the first few times, but says he now has it down to a fine art, only requiring him to reposition the tractor once to load the hay racks. Take a look at his video:



Lynn was also impressed with the patented auto-connect system that makes loading quick and easy, and the fact that when he’s not feeding his cattle he can use the headstock spears for loading, stacking and transporting bales. 

Watch the video to see how to load the SL360X, and how the patented Snaplox loading system makes this the world’s only feeder that is built to be operated on a front loader


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