The Last of the Runout SL350 Bale Unrollers are Flying out the Door for Johnstons in Ireland

Published 5th December 2016
New Zealand

Johnston Farm Equipment, an accredited Hustler dealer located in Southern Ireland can’t keep up with the demand for Hustler’s popular SL350 runout deal prior to the launch of the new SL360X… Johnston’s, a Massey Ferguson dealer in Southern Ireland, are really enjoying the build quality, finish and reliability of the Hustler bale unrollers, compared to the other unrollers on the market in Ireland, that aren’t built to handle the fatigue that badly mis-shapen bales place on the bale unroller. 

If you’re looking for a demonstration on the Hustler or want to take a look, give the guys at Johnstons a call, and reserve your space on the next demo tour. 

If you’re looking for the simplest self-loading round bale feeder for feeding the optimum amount of fresh silage in a couple of minutes from the comfort of your tractor seat without the need for back-breaking work, look no further than these Unbelievable Runout Deals on Hustler’s proven SL350 bale feederyou won’t find better. 

The Johnston demo rig heading out for some more demonstrations with 3 of 4 already pre-sold SL350 bale unrollers. Nice!

Hustler dealer Johnson Farm Equipment delivering another load of Hustler bale unrollers.jpg

By feeding the optimal daily ration of silage each day, the silage is fresher and more palatable to livestock, giving improved intake, less selective feeding, equal feeding access and more live-weight gain per day. 


To learn more about Hustler bale feeders, or to book a demonstration on your farm contact Henry Porter Tractors in the North or Johnson Farm Equipment in the South or call Hustler’s European field consultant.