How easy is the Chainless X5000 to operate? Ask this 12 year old.

Published 21st November 2016
United States

12 year old Carson Shepherd from Alabama was so impressed with Hustler’s Chainless X5000 that he booked a demo on his ranch to show his father… read on to see what happened!


Carson took the Chainless X5000 for a test drive, his cattle loved it, his father loved it and he loved it because it was so simple and easy-to-use. In fact it was such a transformation for his feeding program that he didn’t want it to leave the ranch. It never did. 


Want to know how easy it is to operate a

 Chainless bale processors? Just ask Carson. 


Without the need for a PTO, various control boxes and multiple functions the Hustler bale processors are easier to use than any other brand of flail type bale processor, be it Vermeer, Hay buster, Bale king or Highline and what’s more it’s quicker and easier to connect to the tractor, it operates at an idle saving you gallons of fuel every day, it is proven on more bale types than any other hay processor and never plugs with a bad bale, meaning you’ll never need to disconnect to dig out a bale again! These are just a few of the points that ranchers are starting to see the benefits of compared to traditional bale processors

He couldn’t be happier with his choice. Book a demo on your own ranch to try it for yourself. 




Carson’s cattle feasting on their freshly fed hay