Taranaki Dairy Farmer Rapt with his New SL360X Bale Feeder

Published 10th November 2016
New Zealand

When a dairy farmer from Egmont Village in the Taranaki, Robert Bishop’s bale feeder fell to pieces, he knew he had to replace it with a tough, reliable feeder from a reputable brand. Robert and Fiona are absolutely rapt with the service and support he got from Hustler, local field consultant Gerald Raikes, and their new SL360X bale feeder. Watch the video to see it in action!


The Bishops wanted a feeder that was easy to use, especially since both Robert and Fiona would be using their new feeder, it had to be fool-proof and simple, and easy to use. What particularly caught their interest was the unique Patented new Snaplox connection system. Fiona absolutely loves the new SL360X bale feeder and how it has made her life so much easier when feeding out.


“We are pleased to report we have had no problems whatsoever and it is even feeding out our hard hay bales better than our original feeder”


Having faced the frustration of their old bale feeder falling to pieces they wanted a tough proven design with good warranty and great back-up support. Hustler’s SL360X came with the industry leading 4 Year Warranty and the support we’ve received has been amazing. 

They also found that the forged hay tynes for loading the feeder pierce their tight hay bales much easier than the traditional tynes used on most other bale feeders. 






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Snaplox – Patented. Simple. Trouble-free.

The unique patented Snaplox function on the SL360X allows the operator to disconnect the feeding cradle from the headstock by lowering the machine to the ground, it’s seamless and fool-proof.

This is a great development that comes from Hustler listening to farmers, responding to their needs and Rethinking the Everyday. 

With the SL360X no longer will you:

  • Strain your back and shoulders from twisting to tug on the rope of a traditional feeder
  • Smash the back window of your tractor because you’ve forgotten to disconnect the rope
  • Need to juggle the forward/reverse shuttle, clutch and rope all at the same time to disconnect. 


Watch Snaplox in action here