This Farmer Adds Wing Lift to his Spray Boom with a Lynch Pin!

Published 8th November 2016
New Zealand

For the South Island farmer already impressed with his new Hustler spray boom, and it’s performance on his steep country, adding full width winglift was on his wishlist. Typical kiwi ingenuity kicks in and take a look at what he achieved…

By adding a lynch pin at the part way joint once the boom is folded out, allows him to tilt the entire left and right booms seperately for even further improved contour following in steep terrain. 

Hustler builds a range of innovative¬†sprayer booms including DuraBoom – New Zealand’s toughest spray boom, UltraBoom 10-12 metre manual folding booms and¬†SonicBoom 8-12 metre hydraulically folding booms.¬†

Replacing a worn-out boom can be an economical way to get your sprayer performance back on track, so Hustler offers spray boom kits that can be fitted to any brand of sprayer, and offer customised nozzle spacings to suit cropping applications such as the fodder beet sprayer, fertilizer spraying, maize spraying or just general pasture spraying.

Take a look at the video to see it in action:





NOTE:¬†We’re pleased¬†to share this is a modification from an innovative customer, but it is¬†not a factory approved modification, so care needs to be taken¬†if implementing this modification to your own boom to ensure no damage outside of warranty is caused to the boom.