See what it takes to meet deadlines for the all new Chainless X2500

Published 12th October 2016
New Zealand

When the pressure is on and shipping deadlines are brought forward, take a look at what¬†it takes to ensure our customers get their equipment on time…Meet night-shifts. Following years of investment into the development of the all new Chainless X2500,¬†production is just kicking off with the first units, at Hustler we simply cannot let our customers down with late delivery, so¬†when shipping deadlines to America are brought forward by 24 hours, the¬†team pulls all stops out, continues into the next shift and the product is built, and dispatched with 20 seconds to spare!


At Hustler we simply cannot let our customers down, 

 the deadline was met with just 20 seconds to spare!


This was the first of many shipments pre-booked for the all new CHAINLESS X2500 and the 2017 CHAINLESS X5000. 

Shown here is General Manager Steve Currie (in overalls), making the final checks and sign-off of the first new X2500 to roll off the production line – It’s the stamp¬†of quality you expect from every Hustler Product! And our commitment to ensure that every product with the Hustler brandmark lives up to the core values that founded the¬†company in 1961. They’re values that have¬†enabled¬†Hustler to become the world-leader in bale feeding equipment.


2017¬†model Chainless X5000‘s in their final stages of containerisation.¬†

To learn more about the new Chainless X2500 or the 2017 Chainless X5000 contact the sales team 

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