Who Won the 2007 Hustler Dealer of the Year Award?

Published 6th October 2016
New Zealand

Here’s a flashback in time, to the Hustler Dealer Conference 2007!  Take a look at who won the best dealer of the year…

Westland Farmers – Westport, New Zealand, was then headed up by Angus Hewetson, who is now Hustler’s Business Development Manager for USA! 

Thanks to Angus, and we’re all glad to see you’ve lost a bit of weight 🙂 since joining the team in 2014, you must be doing a excellent job! 

If you’re interested in becoming a Hustler dealer in America or Canada, reach out to Angus to discuss the options. 

L-R – Dave Field, Angus Hewetson of Westland Farmers – receive their winnings, 2007.