These 2 Chainless 1000 rebalers in Tasmania fed over 20,000 bales.

Published 5th October 2016

This very happy customer shows his set up with 2x Chainless 1000’s which Wing Rural uses for their chaff milling operation based in Tasmania. 

Jason is rebaling large round bales into small square bales and has modified one machine to suit his application better. Both units are feeding onto a conveyor system which feeds the chaff mill. This allows them to create a mix of forage types into the mill. 

The Chainless 1000 is now replaced with Hustler’s all new Chainless XR1500, which utilises the unique new X series feeder system, that breaks up bales better, and simplifies operation. 


He has fed well over 20,000 bales through these machines.

Indeed the Chainless can de-bale round bales of any size and handle any type of bale that you have on hand – balage, hay, straw, lucerne, alfalfa, etc.

About Hustler Chainless XR1500

The Chainless XR1500 is a stationery balefeeder, developed specifically for the use of re-baling and breaking down bales for TMR’s. The Chainless XR1500 efficiently teases apart large round bales in less than 2 minutes which provides huge time, cost and diesel savings.

Watch it in action.

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