Manawatu Cropping Farmer Invests in Hustler Sprayer

Published 5th August 2016
New Zealand

For this Marton based arable cropping farmer, wanting to cover more ground in the ever shortening windows of the ideal spraying conditions with less input costs, it meant… Hustler’s large capacity Fox sprayer was the ideal choice. Thanks to Hustler’s Accredited Sprayer Dealer for the Manawatu, Mech Agriculture and their experience in the field, they were able to match the perfect solution for Jason Wing. The ultimate solution was a Fox 1800 litre capacity with 18 metre boom and fully hands-free 7 section swath controlled GPS system making for a simple and easy to operate sprayer that his 120hp Massey Ferguson could comfortably handle.  

The package provided Jason with the following benefits:

  1. Eliminated 1 in every 3 sets of wheel tracks in his crop, reducing crop damage.
  2. A mininum of 20% reduction in wasted chemicals from skips, overlaps, headlands and corners 
  3. Increase in productivity of 4.1 hectares per hour

Give one of Hustler’s passionate Field Consultants a call to discuss how a Katipo or Fox linkage mounted sprayer can make a difference on your farm, and what would be the ultimate solution for your spraying needs.