What customers think about the Hustler Chainless 4000

Published 28th July 2016
New Zealand

 “We didn’t hesitate to purchase our fifth Hustler balefeeder recently. For us your feeders have proved themselves beyond question. Read more.

Here are some of the testimonials from our customers about Chainless 4000.

We have consistently fed large numbers of bales year after year with minimal trouble. Taking into account great resale value together with very low maintenance means the actual overall cost of running these superior machines is far lower than going for a cheaper optioned machine. You definitely get what you pay for.” 

This is what the Farming Group in Morrinsville stated after years of using Hustler Chainless 4000.


 “We did a reasonable amount of research and it came down to 3 brands, however the Hustler Chainless system had some good advantages. I liked the Rotor system – only 2 chains which are enclosed and well protected, no feed bars & minimal moving parts”. “The ribbing on the polyethylene platform is excellent, it helps the bale to track straight & makes it easy to remove strings from square bales. Each of the 3 machines feed 500-600 bales a year. “Having a 2 year warranty was a good extra perk” says Chris. – Roadley Farms, Ashburton Mid Canterbury. Chainless 4000


 Watch Chainless 4000 in action.


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