TOTAL CONTROL SELF-LOADING Unique to Hustler trailed bale feeders

Pioneered & Patented in 2001, Refined over 15 years. Often Imitated, Never Equaled. 

So what’s the difference? Being the originators of this unique ‘Total Control Loading System’ which revolutionized bale loading since it was introduced. The simple design, uses just one single hydraulic to complete the entire loading operation, and reliable mechanical innovation to ensure it works ever time. Without the need for adjustment. 

Refinements have been made over the past 15 years such as and a new gas strut to reset the loader, more loading power for heavier bales, larger bearing surface, stronger boom and pivot plates, stronger latching system all which allow it to carry the heavier 1.5 ton bales we’re seeing produced on farms today. 

Hustler’s Total Control Loading System provides exactly what it says: total control. Unlike other systems, the operator can reverse the bale if necessary, even once the bale is positioned low over the cradle for unwrapping.

Imitated loading systems have:

  • Complicated Hydraulic Sequence Valving – that requires frequent adjustment, needs to be maintained and is the cause of downtime.
  • 2 Hydraulic cylinders – more cost, more pivots to grease and more to mantain.
  • Once you’ve started loading, the sequence can’t be reversed once it has over centred – meaning you have to load the bale even if you’ve decided not to, causing unnecessary waste. 
  • Air in the hydraulic line can be dangerous when removing the strings/wrap above the feeding cradle.


  • Faster cycle times
  • Bigger bale handling capacity
  • Foolproof resetting
  • Easy bale pickup means no digging up of paddocks or dirt mixing with feed 
  • Gentle and accurate placement of the bale in the bale chamber 
  • Easy to line up the bale 
  • Minimal feed wastage because the net wrap can be safely removed above the bale chamber 
  • Bale is secure during transport, even on steep inclines 
  • Handles round and square bales 
  • Second bale can be positioned low to the ground for added ballast.  

Watch this video to see the Total Control Loading in action


Removing the strings/wrap is easy – watch this video to see how

We recommend that the strings/net wrap be removed before feeding to save harming your cattle should they consuming the strings. Although…

In some areas where it is too cold for operators to get out of the tractor to remove the netwrap, we find some ranchers are feeding bales without removing the strings – Hustler’s Chainless X5000 is the only bale feeder on the market that allows them do this. 


The Chainless X5000 also allows operator to transport bales, another unique feature, and place them around the farm as a when desired or ahead of the next days feeding.

This is done by loading both bales as normal, then lifting then once you’ve transported them to their destination, simple lift the platform to eject the bale in the chamber and lower the loader to drop off the second bale. 

Hustler bale feeders make feeding out bales of any shape, size and type quick, efficient and easy! A single tractor operation, from loading to feeding, with no need for a front loader. Depending on your current bale feeding system you’ll also save up to 50% of your bales!