Saskatchewan Rancher replaces Bale processor with bale feeder

Published 12th February 2016
United States

Got 53 seconds to find out why Lorne Zentner chooses a Hustler feeding system to replace a high maintenance bale processor?

The Hustler bale feeding system offers many benefits compared to the traditional bale processor that is used in the area, but most importantly for Lorne was the fact the bale feeder was gentle on the bale, no grinding, chopping or destroying the quality of hay was very much the most important.

Here are just a few of the many other benefits the Hustler feeding system has compared to bale processors:

  • Very simple with no high maintenance, wearing parts
  • More reliable, high torque, low speed hydraulic drive system 
  • It feeds both round and square bales of hay, straw and baled silage easily without jamming
  • Diesel consumption is substantially reduced
  • The total control loading system places the bale in the chamber without tumbling out of control
  • Bale quality is not destroyed, and dust is minimised
  • Feeds frozen bales