The Unique Design of the SL-700X

Published 17th September 2015
Unrolla TE205/TX205 (SL700X)

The unique design of the SL-700X’s chassis protects all the working parts of the feeder from scraping the ground, which can causing costly damage and downtime. This is one of the key reasons farmers prefer the SL-700X over other brands of trailed chain feeders.

There are also many other benefits unique to the Hustler SL-700X that:

  1. Save countless hours of maintenance such as –
    • Self-aligning sealed bearings that need less greasing, and don’t flog out
    • Fool-proof, total control mechanical loading system that is safe and doesn’t require on-going adjustments
    • Bis-alloy sprockets that last longer and require less power to drive
  2. And many design features that makes the 700X outperform the such as
    • A stronger single post drawbar which provides better manoeuvrability
    • Lower profile tyres which reduces bounce that causes rollover
    • Optional mudguards which keeps feed clean from mud and dirt during transport

To learn more, take one out for a free demonstration.

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