Which type of balefeeder is best for your bales?

Published 8th July 2015
New Zealand

Chainless Balefeeders

If you need the most versatile, reliable, efficient and quietest balefeeder (or any of the above) that feeds out any bale choose a Chainless balefeeder.

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  • All types of Square bales
  • All types of Round bales*
  • Tight and loose bales
  • Maximises feed use


  • Loose silage
    * The Chainless X5000 is recommended for every bale shape and type and feeds out literally any bale you have. The Chainless 2000 and 4000 are not recommended for ultra fine chopped, soggy round balage.

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Chain & Slat Balefeeders

If you want a simple balefeeder to feed out loose round bales choose a chain type balefeeder. Hustler build the toughest, most reliable and trusted chain feeders on the market.

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  • Most Round bales
  • Fine chopped or soggy or wet round balage
  • Loose silage


  • Tight Round bales
  • Square bales*
    * An optional side bar can be fitted to assist feeding Square bales, but capability for feeding Square bales is very limited.

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To discuss your specific bale types or learn more about balefeeders visit hustlerequipment.com/support to locate your nearest field consultant or dealer