To keep up with the ever changing needs, contractor changes self-propelled for linkage sprayer

Published 31st October 2013
New Zealand

After having owned 3 self-propelled sprayers, and getting hammered by high operating costs and maintenance, and having expensive machinery sitting around because of the ever changing cropping requirements and demands, Hawkes Bay spraying contractor changed his operation to tractor mounted linkage sprayers. The 2500 litre Fox sprayer from Hustler Equipment produced in Italy by Caffini with a 21m air-assisted boom is coupled to a 6140R from John Deere on 12.4 row-crop wheels, fully suspended and controlled with the Raven Envizio Pro.

This offered numerous benefits, including lower investment cost, almost half the fuel costs, faster road speeds between jobs meant he could get more done in a day, with better suspension it’s much more comfortable for his operators to use, the bigger cab is quieter and has better visibility than the self-propelled sprayer previously used.