Fox 1800 Litre Sprayer has many Features!

Published 28th May 2013
New Zealand

Geordie Bull milks 1200 cows on his 350-hectare dairy farm at Tirohanga, 30 kilometres north of Taupo. He also farms an adjacent 170-hectare run off block, which he uses for raising young stock, wintering cows, and growing winter brassicas, peas, and oats.

For his pasture renovation programme, Geordie prefers the spray and drill method because it is more economical and causes less disturbance of the thin topsoil layer that is common around the volcanic plateau. He sprays around 600 hectares annually.

When looking for a new sprayer in early 2013, Geordie’s key requirements were that it could handle the contrasting terrain (flats, rolling hills, and steeper sidelings) on his two farm blocks, and do the job faster and more economically than his current setup.


“Tank volume was number one, because a lot of time

is wasted filling up. A bigger tank and a wider boom reach

allows me to get my spraying done 60% faster than before.”


It was tank size that first attracted him to the Spraysmart Fox 1800. At 1800 litres, it has almost twice the capacity of his old sprayer, and covers more ground by way of a 14-metre spray boom (covering 16 metres).


Geordie has been impressed with the sprayer’s other innovations. Auto Rate Control provides greater economy and precise application by automatically adjusting the spray rate according to the ground speed of the tractor. “It’s suited to this terrain because I can vary my speed according to the type of paddock knowing my spray rate is spot-on.”

Unique to the Spraysmart Fox 1800 is a central control hub, located at ground level, which allows all functions to be controlled from one place.

Also at ground level is a slide-out chemical mixing and induction hopper, which removes the heavy lifting from loading and mixing chemicals. It has a built in wash nozzle for thoroughly rinsing the inside of the spray container, which can then be safely discarded.

Self-leveling suspension keeps the spray boom at the same angle as the tractor while working on inclines, and eliminates whip by cushioning the bumps when moving over rough terrain.

Hydraulic boom lift provides effortless control from the driver’s seat, while the spray boom itself has a three-directional breakaway mechanism designed to avoid serious damage from forward, reverse or vertical impacts.