What a Genius!

Published 4th May 2012
New Zealand

Sick of waiting for the Spraying Contractor? Trevor Johnson in Timaru has the answer!

Trevor recently purchased a Hustler Spraysmart sprayer from Johnson Gluyas in Timaru. Trevor has a dairy farm at Rangitata consisting of 500ha + a 300Ha run-off block close to his home in Timaru.

After researching most brands available on today’s market, Trevor decided the Spraysmart was the way to go. ‘Most others looked a bit light,’ he says. The deciding factor was getting the right machine for the right price. His local dealer was good too.

Although there are many models available, Trevor opted for the Genius 1000 model. He specked it with twin foam markers, an induction hopper, master in-cab electric with 5 section manual controls for the boom, and a fenceline nozzle. The induction hopper is at an excellent height – no climbing with dangerous chemicals to pour in the top. The wing lift on the boom is fantastic & he says ‘I certainly wouldn’t be without the fenceline nozzle’. Johnson often found that he would be left with a 1-2m wide area of grass around the edge of the paddock as contractors were worried about hitting fences. Having this nozzle allows him to spray through or over fences at a comfortable distance. “Gone are the days of manual booms – hydraulic lift and fold makes the spraying task a lot easier too,” reports Trevor.

Roundup is used a lot and spraying of winter feed crops such as kale, swedes & fodder beet. He either uses a 90hp Daedong or a JD6630 depending what farm he is on. Transporting the sprayer between farms is very easy due to lifting hooks in the right place. To date he has sprayed around 200ha and concluded by saying ‘it is very sturdily built’.