SL-700X ticks all the boxes!

Published 5th August 2011
New Zealand

After 3 months researching what balefeeder would suit him best, Sam Leyser of Cromwell purchased an SL700X “because it ticked all the boxes!” Some of the key advantages Sam points out is “the impressive ground clearance and the fact that the chassis is the lowest point, not the feed bars”. The loading system is “brilliant using one Cylinder and some clever mechanical engineering makes it foolproof and safe,” Sam says. “It comfortably handles our 800+Kg bales which helped in our decision”.

The Leyser’s try to run stock numbers as low as possible during their 150 day winter which can often have -6°C days for 2 weeks. “We have had it as low as – 14°C, and as you can imagine we don’t want breakdowns in this sort of weather!”

Sam’s research paid off and he is one happy man with his new Hustler feeder some 8 months down the track having fed out well in excess of 800 bales! Sam’s father reckons that it’s very easy to use, “it makes life so easy”.

TX205 Trailed Chain Bale Unroller feeding out

Sam Leyser – sheep, goat & deer farmer, Cromwell